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26 September 2016
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26 September 2016, Comments: 0
Having well trained, knowledgeable staff is a must in any business but especially in the contact centre world. Clients place enormous trust in an outsourcer and expect the highest standards when dealing with their customers. Therefore, training and maintaining a high level of knowledge in a fast moving, ever changing economy is vital in delivering great service for clients. The flip side of that, is training in the workplace can often be regarded in the same way some people treat keeping fit outside of work. They are often too busy to go to the gym or go for a run and will cite not having time as a reason for letting their health suffer. In business, front line staff can often be so busy doing their job it becomes difficult to find quality time off the phones to refresh their skills. We’ve all been told at some point by staff they are too busy to attend a meeting or training session such are the demands of the business. We’re reminded of the story about the woodcutter who was told by a friend his saw was blunt so he should sharpen it. As the sweating woodcutter tried frantically to get through the tree he stopped and declared, “Can’t you see I’m too busy for that!” Sound familiar? In order to solve this, we’re about to introduce a neat training tool from the people at Elephants Don’t Forget called Clever Nelly. Nelly is Artificially Intelligent and uses a range of sophisticated, employer specific, multiple-choice questions delivered randomly to the employee via email, an app on a smart phone, tablet or desktop. On average Nelly delivers 3.4 questions per employee per day and this uses on average 1 minute 47 seconds of an employee’s working day. Even the busiest contact centre agent, the most time poor salesperson and the over-active manager can find time to engage with Nelly each day. Because Nelly is intelligent, she varies the quantum and subject matter of the questions each individual user receives based on that individual’s past responses. This way, every Nelly user is treated with respect, as an individual and not subject to mindless repetitive questions. Questions are received via an email link into an individual’s inbox (or mobile via a smart phone app or app for a tablet) and the individual selects an answer from multiple choice under a time constraint. If the question is answered correctly, Clever Nelly will instantly let the individual know. If the question is answered incorrectly, Nelly will instantly tell the individual the correct answer. The individual can answer the questions whenever they choose (but every day is most powerful) and the average time spent answering the questions is less than two minutes. Nelly is intelligent and selects questions based on the previous responses of each individual, focussing on what the individual has proven they don’t know. This is a fun way of delivering constant knowledge testing and education to each individual, which can be measured both internally and externally. The agent feels they are being treated as an individual and they become motivated to learn, rather than being force fed in the class room. We’re very excited to embed this into our business and see the results in better skilled staff who are happy to learn, now all we need to do is find time to go to the gym …

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