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We have a new board memeber!

Carpeo is delighted to announce that Vic Gysin has joined the Board as Non Executive Chairman. Vic joins after a 16 year career at the UK’s largest outsourcing business...

The Winds of Change -Vector 4: Consumer

I recently attended a seminar where some of the brightest and futuristic looking people set out their vision of the world in 2025 and beyond. A world where driver less cars...


Carpeo Takes Part in On Your Feet Day

Today is On Your Feet Day, Carpeo have two competitions running across the business to encourage our consultants to spend less time sitting


Change In Customer Engagement Driven by GDPR

I’m not a fan of bureaucracy or regulations, but surely the person (presumably it was a human) who came up with the GDPR directive must take the prize for...


The Winds of Change -Vector 2: Technology

The pace of technology change and adoption is increasing. Organisations are struggling to keep up with the consumer pull on new technology...

The winds of change: 5 vectors of customer engagement

The Winds of Change: 5 Vectors of Customer Engagement

5 competing and conflicting vectors of change are having a seismic impact on customer engagement in 2018. The opportunities and challenges...