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27 April 2018
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27 April 2018, Comments: 0

Comfy Shoes at Carpeo!

Today is On Your Feet Day, Carpeo have two competitions running across the business to encourage our consultants to spend less time sitting down and more time moving! A chance to win dress down for their team and prizes for themselves are up for grabs.

Competition 1: 

An all-day competition where each campaign has a representative with a pedometer attached to their waist to encourage movement within work hours. The representative with the highest number of steps wins!

Competition 2: 

Who can stand the longest? Our representatives are walking and wiggling in an attempt to show that they are the most active. 


Compared to a normal working day of sitting, they are burning up to twice as many calories as they would usually just by moving around.

The rest of the team are enjoying the fact those competeing are offering to pick them up a coffee or a water, even willing to run to the other side of the building for them in an attempt to win!

As of 10am: 

Maddie Lawson is leading the way in our Newport office with 4555 steps!

When sitting down, after just 90 minutes, your metabolism slows down, and even if your fit and active – sitting for 8 hours a day could lead to increase health risks. BUT if you stand rather than sit you burn 50 calories more per hour and over a year if you stand for thirty minutes a day when you usually sit, you would be looking at an average weight loss of 2.4kg over that year from standing alone. 

By encouraging our staff to stand and move around more for one day, is the first step towards making little changes which will help in the long term.

And of course, I have written this whilst standing.


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