20 April 2018
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20 April 2018, Comments: 0

There's a perfect storm brewing...

The winds of change: 5 vectors of customer engagement

5 competing and conflicting vectors of change are having a seismic impact on customer engagement in 2018. The opportunities and challenges for contact professionals are exciting and scary in equal measure. Together with industry proffesionals have created a whitepaper to discuss the likely impacts.

Brexit, a flat economy and wages outstripping inflation are affecting the supply and cost of labour, squeezing margins and intensifying the fight for talent. 

Whilst technological change alongside rapid consumer adoption is increasing expectations. Offering increased cost and complexity but also savings and step change improvements in customer experience. Keeping up and knowing whats best and how to do it is the challenge all customer contact professionals face. 

Regulators are bearing their teeth and giving bite to poorly observed laws and putting the customer back in charge. 

Social and review platforms are amplifying this power shift and affecting the rest of the herd. The recent facebook hearings have shone a spotlight on the power and reach of the digital platforms, with the personal data that is available and the permissions we often unknowingly give. Many push channels are diminishing in effectiveness, and there’s a new dawn for customer engagement. The possibilities are exciting and scary in equal measure. Let the storytelling and dialogue begin!

In our 5 Vectors of Customer Engagement whitepaper, we’ve gathered together the facts from a wide array of sources with expert opinions from key industry figures about the likely impacts. This whitepaper started as a dialogue on linkedin, so we’d like to thank all those who contributed to the thoughts and ideas expressed in here.

It’s a big subject so we’re sure we haven’t captured all the affects, please download the whitepaper, join the conversation and add your two-penneth. 

You can download the whitepaper here and we’ll be holding a seminar to discuss the changes further on 24th May at Carpeo in Newport


To find out more about the seminar, click here:

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