30 April 2018
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30 April 2018, Comments: 0

Technology is one of the strongest forces

The pace of technology change and adoption is increasing. Organisations are struggling to keep up with the consumer pull on new technology but the opportunities to save money and enhance the customer experience are significant. And its easy to get caught in stasis like “rabbits in the headlights”. With so much change, its seemingly impossible to work out where to start and how to go about it. In our white paper our experts distil the main impacts and opportunities.


Andy Griffin, tpoint points out that legacy really doesn’t have to hold organisations back, arguing that APIs and modern architectures can wrap around them and enable the latest omni-channel solutions with low effort.

“Data is the new gold” Iain Lovatt, Blue Sheep quotes the economist. He talks about how this can deliver smarter engagement and new levels of relevance and personalisation.

Martin Palmer, Pulsant talks about the power of the Intelligent edge of the latest cloud platforms, and how these services are bringing the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to all organisations on demand, without capex investment.

Unified visibility is the key in the digital era for both consumers and frontline staff, professes Sharon Maslyn, 8×8

It’s a big subject so we’re sure we haven’t captured all the affects, please download the whitepaper, join the conversation and add your two-penneth. 

You can download the whitepaper here and we’ll be holding our launch event to present our guidance on navigating the storm on 24th May at Carpeo in Newport

For more information about the launch event please email:

Tiffany Nicholson Directors Executive Assistant


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